Pending litigation and on advice of counsel Jerz Mike and Dennis Lynn would like for everyone to know that they are not associated with what is going on at the restaurant beyond June 23 2017 despite legally having controlling interest in the company.

We will activate the website and FaceBook Page at a later date. This FaceBook Page is NOT the official Page we created back in March. A quick scan should reveal that we have nothing to do with this.

For the latest information about Bootleggers Grille please call 706.994.6213

Thanks so much for all of the support from the community.

UPDATE 10.13.17

He was able to destroy Bootleggers in only 112 days. Another business failure for this guy. We got word Friday, October 13, 2017 that Bootleggers was officially closed. Couldn’t even make it until the end of the tourist season. Wow.

Are we coming back? Stay tuned.

There continues to be court proceedings moving forward. Part I of vindication is complete. Part II awaits.